Smokey's Story Smokey's Story Imperfections are Beautiful When we took Smokey home, she had a cataract in one eye, and badly torn ear and she was chewing on the tops of all 4 of her paws and the tip of her tail. So the fur was missing. He breath also smelled which made me think she had bad teeth and her fur was badly matted. She is 8 years old and I needed to take her home. She was my birthday chin. 16834091 Sweet Through the Pain She didn't move around a lot and was very uneasy with jumping. I had no idea what was to come. I took her to my vet who pulled back her cheek and puss poured out from infection. Poor baby. We fixed her teeth right away. 16834092 Chewed Tail Chinchillas sometimes chew fur from pain and we know that's exactly why she was doing it. 16834112 Sleepy Girl She spent a lot of time sleeping as we did not know that fixing her teeth did not cure her pain. 16834113 Bunny Face It was instant love. Look at that bunny face. 16834093 Not Acting Chin Like She was just not acting like a chinchilla should. I was afraid we would have to put her down, so I took her to the vet and they did x-rays and I got the shock of my life. She had a broken pelvis!! Her former owner had 12 cats and let them chase after her and God only knows what else. We moved her to a single level cage and she is currently on some very heavy pain medicines. It might take about 2-3 months, but her pelvis will have to heal on it's own. 16834094 Such a Good Girl!! As you can see, she takes her medicine like it's juice. it's been over a month and she has already grown her hair back on all her paws and tail. She goes back to the vet at the end of this month and we will see how things are going. She is not chewing anymore which leads me to believe her pain is very minimal or gone and that makes my heart so happy. 16834095